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Notes From The Author

Tsubute, book #2 in the Seeds Of Civilization series,
is going through its first revision! Look for its release in 2005.
Each novel in this series explores a different ancient mystery in a quest to find the lost civilizations of antiquity—and the very origin of the human race! While Tractrix explores the ancient Maya of Mexico, Tsubute explores an actual sunken pyramid off the coast
of the western-most island of Japan—Yonaguni.
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Novels in the Seeds Of Civilization series incorporate actual archeological mysteries into the story line. 22 chapters into their second adventure, the team from NWIDI is at it again! This time, a trip to southern Japan to investigate the mysterious underwater pyramid off the coast of Yonaguni Island involves the four friends in a case of murder and international kidnapping... Keep tabs on the release date of Tsubute in 2005... check back often.

Book 2 (2005) in the Seeds of Civilization series has been officially named (or re-named, if you’ve been reading the draft) Tsubute, after the ancient Ninja throwing weapon that figures prominately in the story-line. Book 3 has tentaively been named Triangle—anybody care to guess where it takes place?

Barnes & Noble’s online ranking for Tractrix has moved from 535,623 on April 12 to 95,610 on September 17.
9/30/04 Update: oops! It slipped to 157,069. But Powell’s today moved it forward from page 39 to page 17 of Science Fiction/ General. We appreciate all your loyal support. Your purchases help the rankings, so please continue to spread the word!

Special Thanks – to Barnes & Noble Booksellers for your support
of local authors. The following stores have placed copies of Tractrix during July and August: Clackamas, Jantzen Beach, Tannesborne and Washington Square. For addresses, please visit
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The first reading of Tractrix at Border’s in Salem last evening was great fun. A lively discussion of the science behind the science fiction in the novel met with enthusiasm and we made several
new friends. George was the winner of our surprise giveaway of
a $5 Powerball ticket for today’s $21 million drawing. Good luck, George. And here are the online results of your support:
Powells’ online listing of Tractrix jumped to page 3 of Metaphysics/Fiction and page 32 of Science Fiction/General.
This is a huge leap.
Barnes and Noble’s online ranking jumped from 498,381 on July 12 to 182,693 on July 17.
And Amazon’s online ranking jumped from 1,530,840 on July 13 to 1,462,320 on July 17.
You’re all invited to today’s author signing at Oregon Reads in Salem’s Bush Pasture Park at their annual Salem Art Fair & Festival. Tractrix will be on sale all weekend, but signings will take place from 4 pm - 6 pm only. Support literacy • organized by Salem’s Jackson’s Books.

Barnes & Noble, Washington Square, has books available in their Science Fiction section and once again online.
(Update: On July 13 their online ranking for Tractrix jumped from 498,381 to 139,811!) Powell’s has a good condition used book available in Beaverton in their Metaphysics section. Your order takes just 2-3 days to ship.

Update: Wow! Thank you very much for your responses to our event notices. Over the holiday weekend you purchased all available copies of Tractrix from all three on-line stores. Typically
it takes just 2-3 days to restock. There will be lots of books available at the readings and signings and don’t forget about the brick and mortar stores carrying copies. Visit our store list at

Salem, Oregon – great plans for a first reading!Friday evening
July 16 at 7 p.m.
at Borders Books & Music, Village East Shopping Center • The author discusses the science behind the science fiction in his novel Tractrix and upcoming sequels. Be there for
a surprise give-away.

Update: Amazon has received books and will ship once again in 24 hours. 6/25/2004: Powell’s has received books and will ship once again in 1-3 days.

Amazon’s and Powell’s availability of Tractrix show books on order, but there ARE still books available from Barnes and Noble!
(Select “Books”/Search on “Tractrix.”) Second press releases have gone out to 1,150 independent booksellers in all 50 states, and calendar notices have been sent to the local media in Oregon and Washington—resulting, again, in increased Website traffic.

Salem, Oregon – Author signing confirmed at Oregon Reads,
at the Salem Art Fair & Festival, Saturday afternoon July 17
at 4 p.m.
, Bush Pasture Park, on High Street, south of Mission Street • sponsored by Jackson’s Books.

Salem, Oregon – First reading confirmed at Borders
Be our guest at Borders Books & Music, Village East Shopping Center • Friday evening July 16 at 7 p.m. • 2235 Lancaster Dr Ne, Salem, OR 97305 • Phone: 503.375.9588. The place to be is Salem where Frank Morton’s adventures might be the one to receive a surprise gift from the author.

Portland, Oregon – Science Fiction bookstore Future Dreams, on SE Burnside, has placed Tractrix. Visit “the store” section of this Web site, then click on “store list”, for address and contact information.

Salem, Oregon – Jackson’s Books, host to Salem’s summertime Oregon Reads at the Arts Fair, has joined the ranks of bookstores displaying Tractrix by placing copies in their Northwest Authors section. One signed copy is available. Free Tractrix bookmarks.

Beaverton, Oregon – Thanks to Barnes and Noble,
at Washington Square for ordering books for their store.
We appreciate their enthusiastic support for Tractrix and left them a signed copy.

Salem, Oregon – We’ll soon be announcing the first Reading of Tractrix to be held at Borders in Salem. Our plan is to initiate a series of readings and signings in major cities along the story line... Salem, Portland, Seattle and Las Vegas. We’ll keep you posted as dates get confirmed.

Amazon’s ranking for Tractrix has moved from 2,157,014
on April 12 to 1,549,541 on May 10. We take that as a good sign.
6/14/04 : Amazon’s ranking continues to improve. It’s currently at 1,530,840. Barnes and Noble fluctuates between 549,622 and 450,799 (June 21). Your purchases help the rankings, so please spread the word!

Portland, Oregon – Welcome to Annie Bloom’s Books,
7834 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97219, (503) 246.0053.
We appreciate the hometown support for Tractrix.
5/15/04 : Annie Bloom’s now has a signed copy on display in the Science Fiction section.

Salem, Oregon – home of the Oregon Lottery – boasts the first known brick and mortar store to display Tractrix...The Book Bin,
450 Court St. NE, Salem, OR 97301, (503) 361.1235.

Amazon's availability of Tractrix appears to rapidly change back and forth between "24 hours" and "6 to 9 days" as they receive and ship books, but books ARE shipping, so don't despair! Press releases have gone out to 1,150 independent booksellers in all 50 states resulting in increased Website traffic.

Books are selling and appear to be in short supply at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Books-A-Million claims to be shipping in 2 to 3 days, so you might try there until the other suppliers get restocked. Thanks for your support and your orders!

Diseno/PR has prepared a press release that's going out to booksellers, publishers and others. Click HERE to download a copy in PDF format (you'll need Adobe's free Acrobat Reader to view this document.)

Today I discovered that Tractrix is now listed on Powells Books and Borders (which is actually a mirror of Click the light green links above or browse to their sites and enter "Tractrix" in the Search box.

Tractrix showed up on today! Click HERE to view the listing. I'll start bugging them about why the cover isn't showing.

Tractrix is now listed with Barnes & Noble! Browse to and search for "Tractrix". Books will be available on March 28th, but you can preorder NOW!

Tractrix is now listed on the Virtual Bookworm Web site! Click HERE to visit the site and place your orders! Tractrix has been assigned ISBN Number 1-58939-567-0 in case you prefer to order through you local book store.

The Tractrix manuscript has been accepted for publication by Virtual Bookworm Publishing, of College Station, TX. Look for it on their Web site ( in the next month or so.

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