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Notes From The Author

12/28/2005: Belated Holiday wishes
This heartfelt wish—although delayed because of the season’s activities—remains strong: May your Holidays be filled with joy and may you have a New Year that fulfills all your dreams and brings you health, happiness and love. And may we all enjoy PEACE in the new year.

12/12/2005: Books and music by independent authors and musicians make perfect holiday gifts.
Here are a few links to some of our favorites:
Mexican alternative rock-in-Spanish group Delasonica
Oregon author Sean Ellis’ Magic Mirror
Robert Marston Fannéy’s Luthiel’s Song

Readers: 2005 Holiday Two-pack gift suggestion
Why gift just one novel when you can support TWO
NW authors by giving a PAIR of novels? Last year I teamed up
with Willamette Writers author Lori Stevens to promote
Deep Structure + Tractrix. Again this year I’ve selected another Oregon author for the Gift Pack promo: Sean Ellis. His novel
Magic Mirror paired with Tractrix provide two great tales of International intrigue, crossing the borders North and South
to Canada and Mexico.
     Use the “B&N bookshelf” link or Powell’s link at left for easy access to quick online purchases. For signed copies of the duo,
send a check or money order for $39.95 to Seeds Of Civilization, gift pack promo; PO Box 230154, Portland, OR 97281. Allow two weeks for delivery.

Stores: Holiday retail promotional support for bookstores is again available this year. Just click the light green link. Designed to help stores sell books using FREE downloads, these items eliminate risk because buyers don’t need to pre-purchase books that are non-returnable. Just take orders! When customers pay up front for an order you canít lose. And the printable files help you promote these sales. For instance, 2006 calendar bookmarks make perfect bag stuffers. (Be sure to print the same .pdf BOTH sides of the sheet...front/back.)
     Itís our intention to provide what you need to sell Tractrix,
so if you have an idea for additional promos, just drop me a line
to Industry Comments. We’re always looking for new ideas.

11/10/2005: New bookmarks are here! Be the first to download
our holiday gift to you...a 2006 Tractrix calendar bookmark. 1.7 MB
     Here are instructions for getting four bookmarks:
Insert a 24# bright white letter-size sheet into your color laser or inkjet printer and print the page at the above link. (Let dry a few minutes if inkjet.) Then roll the page exposing the blank side and print once again (so that opposite sides of the sheet are printed). Using a papercutter, trim into the page left and right, top and bottom. Now, trim every two inches to separate the bookmarks. Share a bookmark or two with friends who enjoy SciFi adventure novels.

10/30/2005: How fascinating are the Maya! I came across an article on today about Mel Gibson’s next movie. Set in Central America and to be filmed in Veracruz, Mexico, it deals with a Maya family before the Spanish conquest of the 1500s. And it will be spoken in a Maya tongue called Yucateco, used throughout the Yucatan of Mexico. To read the here.
     In Tractrix, my own fascination with the Maya and their secrets drives the story, and much of it takes place in the Yucatan and several of its Maya cities.
     The current Maya calendar ends Dec. 21, 2012, but there is a lot of conjecture about that date and its meaning. Will it be the start of a NEW Maya calendar or the apocalyptic end of mankind? Whatever you believe, much can be studied about the Maya and there’s still much to unravel about their ancestry and their uncanny knowledge of mathematics and astronomy. The characters in Tractrix suggest the Maya insights were the result of a little “help.”

10/26/2005: The research trip to Victoria B.C. last weekend was unbelievable. Thanks to Brit Nigel Smith for his hospitality and for spending nearly two hours with me answering questions that will bring to life book #3 of the Seeds Of Civilization series. I’m not ready to divulge those secrets yet, but I’ll be thinking about what
I can tell you very soon.
     Thanks also to friend Jerry who came along and contributed thoughtful questions of his own. And thanks to the city of Victoria for providing its beauty and cultural backdrop for our walking and dining pleasure. The weather was crisp and sunny, at times foggy...which added to the harbor’s mystique. The Parliament building, all lit up at night, was a sight to see; the Empress Hotel shared its hospitaity in the lounge; and, the Royal British Museum once again drew me in with fascination—all making Victoria a city that beckons as a haven for retirement or creative inspiration.

10/18/2005: A new review of Tractrix by Falcata Times editor Gareth Wilson will soon be posted at all three on-line stores. While the science fiction review site is currently undergoing a redesign, check back from time-to-time. Gareth promises to have a bigger and better site up very soon.

10/16/2005: One week from today we’ll be going on a short research trip to Victoria, B.C. Why would an author writing a novel about adventure and archeological mystery in the waters off Cuba head north for research? In the weeks to come I may reveal a tiny bit to you but Novel 3 in the Seeds Of Civilization series will disclose the rest.

10/12/2005: Thanks once again to Jackson’s Books in Salem, Oregon for carrying Tractrix! This lovely store in a parklike setting near the University organizes the summer Oregon Reads exhibit for the Salem Art Association at Bush Pasture Park—in support of local authors.

10/11/2005: Thanks to Michelle from Kent, Washington, for requesting a signed copy of Tractrix!

9/28/2005: From a reader in Georgia: “...i finished tractrix in
one night and have been waiting for the release of tsubute, and
i was wondering when the release date was?”

To J.H. and all my loyal fans: I’m very anxious to get Tsubute published! The manuscript has been finished for several months and we’re currently in the process of outreach to publishers.
(In fact, Book #3 Triangle is being written.)
You can help us with this process. Here are some ways you can
let publishers know about R.J. Archer and the SeedsOfCivilization

1) Post a short review on online bookseller sites such as Amazon. (short is best)
2) Do the same on SciFi sites and encourage your friends to do so, too.
3) Participate in blog discussions and bring up Tractrix and the series.
4) Encourage friends and SciFi readers to purchase Tractrix online.
5) Ask your reading group to select Tractrix as your monthly novel.
6) Pass on the series links to friends and enthusiasts by email: and
As sales increase, publishers will take interest.
Unfortunately, publishers are interested in profits like any other business manager and editors want to know they can expect good sales performance from an author. Competition is fierce with celebreties taking a big piece of the pie, and non-fiction another. Publishing houses select just a few books each season for print and promotion. On our part, we’ll continue to offer the novels to prospective publishers and try to keep you informed.

9/26/2005: Would you like a signed copy of Tractrix?
...we have a new business address: Just send your request to
Seeds Of Civilization, PO Box 230154 • Portland, OR 97281.
Your check or money order for $20 covers the cost of the book
plus shipping. Allow two weeks for delivery.

(Orders to the old PO box will be forwarded for a year.)

9/11/2005: Remembering the victims and families affected by
the 9-11 terrorist attacks. Your courage has been an inspiration
to us all.

8/31/2005: My condolences go out to all the refugees and survivors of the Huricane Katrina tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you rebuild your lives and cities.

8/30/2005: I discovered a great documentary last night on
The Science Channel and I want to pass it on to you. It shows
actual footage of the sunken monument off Yonaguni, an island in southern Japan—the very one used in my second novel Tsubute.
And it’s hosted by Graham Hancock. If you get The Science Channel, tune in to “Underworld, Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age,” episode Japan’s Lost Islands. It has several airings but the last is Sept. 3 at 6pm (PST?). Check your local cable listings.

8/07/2005: Thanks to Peggy, Barbara and Roguey at
Canyon Way Restaurant and Bookstore in Newport for being such great hostesses for yesterday’s signing. If you ever have a chance to wander in while visiting the Oregon Coast, you’ll enjoy all the fantastic browsing—not just books, but all kinds of other merchandise that captures the imagination.

8/04/2005: Could Seeds Of Civilization be headed for film?
It’s a possibility, since talks are currently underway with major studios, production companies and producers in both Los Angeles and New York. I’ve teamed up with agent Jonathan Micheals, of TMC Management/Production to promote the series to the Hollywood film and TV industries. Stay tuned.

8/03/2005: How’s the beach on Saturday?
Afternoon sunshine and a high of 64—perfect for an escape to NEWPORT. I invite you to join me at Canyon Way Books 2-4 pm, stay for late lunch at their restaurant, and then venture out to the sand and surf. Signing: 1216 SW Canyon Way.

8/01/2005: Signing tonight!
135 Liberty Street at the downstairs Coffee House Cafe. SALEM
Sponsored by: Salem Monthly. Hope to see you there. (7pm)

7/16/2005: Thanks to Jackson’s Books (Oregon Reads sponsor), the Salem Art Association and all who came out to enjoy the art, food, music and sun. It was a great day to promote Oregon authors. Books stay on sale Sunday as well (at Bush Pasture Park) and if anyone wants a signed copy of Tractrix, please write to

New info! 7/13/2005: Signings Update Come join us!
The summer schedule is falling into place:
Salem, Oregon
• Saturday, July 16 at the Salem Art Fair (2-4 pm)
Bush Pasture Park, SE High Street.
• Monday evening Aug 1 at the Salem Monthly (7pm),
135 Liberty Street at the downstairs Coffee House Cafe.
Live entertainment.
Newport, Oregon
• Saturday, Aug 6 at Canyon Way Restaurant/Bookstore (2-4 pm)
1216 SW Canyon Way. We recommend dinner afterwards!
More updates to come.

4/29/2005: What’s next?
Signed copies – Unable to attend Wordstock in Oregon, some of you have sent e-mail asking how to obtain these copies of Tractrix.
There are still a handfull available. You can order by mail to:
Seeds Of Civilization, PO Box 69202, Portland, OR 97239.
Your check or money order for $20 includes postage. Arrives
within one week while supplies last. (After that, allow two weeks.) I’ll include a series brochure, currently unavailable on the web site.
Next reading – Salem, Oregon. Stay tuned. I’m planning a new reading some time this summer. Schedule to come.
Tsubute Book #2 in the series is currently in the process of signing with a publisher. This can be a drawn out process, so please be patient. Meanwhile, research has begun for book #3, Triangle, which should be completed in 2006.
Publishers and agents – (for the entire series) Please contact me.
To all who attended Wordstock – Thank you for your enthusiastic support! I hope to see you again next year.

4/20/2005: Update The Wordstock booth assignments have been confirmed! Find Tractrix at the Three Spirits Press booth #315 where we’ll have signed books available for purchase. When? THIS
Saturday/Sunday, April 23-24 – at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. • Special reduced pricing will save you money. • Sharing the booth are author Al Lohner and photographer Jason Savage who will be signing copies of their book (fear not). Iíll be excited to meet some of you and chat about the science behind the fiction. I hope to see you there! Join me and 200 other authors.

4/02/2005: Thanks to Maureen Rogers at Chapters in Newberg for hosting the book signing last evening. It was a beautiful night for an ArtWalk and people came in small groups all evening. Live guitar music and black & white photography were great company for informal chats with interested patrons. Cozy Newberg was a fun backdrop. Meet Maureen in the event photo taken before the action started. (Click the Seeds logo above.) And when passing through Newberg on your way to the Oregon coast, take time to stop for a cup of coffee or a latte and a browse.

4/01/2005: Today! Join us this evening for wine and music.
3/26/2005: It’s here...First Friday Art Walk in Newberg, Oregon
Mark your calendars for next Friday, April 1—all you mystery/ suspense fans who live in western Oregon. At the book signing,
I’ll be chatting about the science behind the fiction in Tractrix and the two other books in my series.
Chapters will be serving up great coffee, artwork and live music.
I’ll be there from 7-9 p.m. That’s Chapters Books & Coffee
701 E First Street 503.554.0206. Download the invitation here.

3/03/2005: Update New books now available at both stores.
More will be added soon!
3/01/2005: Amazon and Powell’s have “sold out”?
Hey, don’t worry. One of the great things with “back order” and print-on-demand books is that Ingram (the distributor) will have a new stock within a matter of days! While it says 9-13 days on Amazon’s site—trust me: It will happen much quicker. The new digital presses print and bind books at the speed of lightening.

2/27/2005: New BLOG!
Do you have questions or comments for the author or readers of the Seeds Of Civilization series? Be first to initiate the new BLOG.

2/24/2005: Update – Spring events
Learn about the science behind the fiction at two great events:
• Friday evening April 1, 2005, 7-9 p.m. in Newberg, OR,
at Chapters Books & Coffee 701 E First Street 503.554.0206.
I’ll be Guest Author for a book signing at the ArtWalk.
Download the invitation here.
• Saturday and Sunday, April 23-24 – Join me at Wordstock at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. Just look for the
Three Spirits Press booth where I’ll be signing copies of Tractrix.
Sharing the booth are author Al Lohner and photographer Jason Savage who will be signing copies of their book (fear not).

2/06/2005: New excerpts!
Visit “About the Characters” on the main Web page and read new excerpts from Tractrix
and soon-to-be-released Tsubute. Also enjoy the recording mixed by Miguel Igartua and the original photo of a Maya shaman taken by Sigi Pablo—of Colima, Mexico.

1/28/2005: Spring event
You’re all invited to join me Friday evening April 1, 2005, 7-9 p.m.
in Newberg, OR, at Chapters Books & Coffee 701 E First Street 503.554.0206. Thanks to Maureen Rogers for the invitation!
I’ll be Guest Author for a book signing at the ArtWalk.
Join Chapters for wine-tasting and fun...and learn about the science behind the science fiction. Download the invitation here.

As a new year unfolds, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the readers who have taken an interest in Tractrix and its upcoming sequel Tsubute. I hope to meet some of you at the writers’ conference in San Francisco this Februrary. To all of you, I wish the best in this new year, success in your writing endeavors, peace, health and happiness.
     Some bookstore owners have expressed a concern about the lack of “returns” on print-on-demand books. I encourage you to at least contact us at If your book is in excellent condition, we may be interested in buying it back at your wholesale cost for use in our promotional give-aways. How can bookstores acquire the novels? They can be purchased through your regular channels using the ISBN #1.58939.567.0. I’ll send out notices in 2005 with the ISBN number for Tsubute.

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