seeds of civilization  •  TSUBUTE    •  by R.J. Archer


Notes From The Author

1/25/2007: UPDATE More than 6,000 listeners!
12/30/2006: Happy New Year!
Wishing all of you a 2007 full of success and happiness.
2006 has brought alot of change for Seeds Of Civilization, primarily our new publishing arm NWIDI Press and the matching releases of TSUBUTE and TRACTRIX Second Edition. But also a fantastic signing experience at Bob’s Beach Books in Lincoln City, a trip to Las Vegas to introduce the novels to bookstores there, a trip to Baja California SUR where Tractrix got into a Todos Santos bookstore, and not to forget the new podcast by Mike which brings chapter four of Tsubute to life. Our listener count is adding up! So if you like it, recommend the books to friends and colleagues. Let's make the 2007 statistics for the novels jump off the page.
My best to all of you and thanks for your friendship and support.

12/26/2006: Special wholesale offer!
Stores: Take advantage of the year-end special at Wholesale,
good through Dec. 31, 2006.

12/13/2006: 2007 Bookmarks available at the link above, plus...
12/23/2006: NEW! Audio excerpts from Tsubute!
Friends came over last night for a small Holiday gathering, and
I was allowed to open an early Christmas present. Imagine my delight when I opened a CD from my son, Mike, and, after inserting it in the player, chapter four of my second novel came to life.
Mike’s day job is sound editor and designer and his passion is music production and musician management. Now he’s ready to create podcasts and audiobooks for other independent authors. Just contact me if you want to get in contact with him. The next step is video so that he can provide book “trailers”, too. You’ll be the first to see mine when it’s done. Meanwhile, I invite you to click
the 10-minute audio excerpt above.
(Allow “blocked content” if you don’t see the control under the banner.)

12/11/2006: Thanks for your order!
Thank you once again to BORDERS in Gresham, OR (687 NW 12th Street) for carrying both Tractrix and Tsubute. I appreciate your support of local authors.
Stores: Visit the Wholesale link for special pricing.

Readers: What about Holiday deliveries?
You’ve probably noticed that shipping is free if you order signed editions through the PayPal link at left. So what happens now that Christmas is just two weeks away?
Nothing. It’s my pleasure to continue to send out my signed novels at no cost to you, even on 1-day delivery when the time comes. Even on multiple orders. Shipping is always free within the U.S. Have a wonderful Holiday season!

12/1/2006: The Bionic Dolphin is a super hero’s dream!
As many of you know, I made a research trip this week to Redding, California, to meet with Thomas “Doc” Rowe, the R&D Director of NoLand Corp., Marine Flight Pioneers who invented the Bionic Dolphin. Doc and his digital artist asistant, Ben Morson, spent several hours with me talking about this half-speedboat/half-submarine that mimics the flight of dolphins at 55 mph!

I know you’d like to hear more about this incredible invention, so drop by my MegaBlog to read about it...and mark your calendars for June 2007 to watch for the third novel in my series, Triangle.
Above you can see me chatting with Doc, the inventor, just before
I actually climbed inside!

11/29/2006: Thank you, M.
We received your order for signed copies of both novels via the website link! They’ll be mailed out on Saturday, so please watch for them in about a week. Best wishes, R.J.

11/26/2006: Research trip #2 next week
A year ago I was fortunate to be able to tour a deep-water
cable-repair ship in Victoria, Canada, as a prelude to adventure in the Caribbean for novel #3 Triangle to be released in 2007. Now the second research trip is about to begin. Last year it was huge; this year it’s tiny (a two-seater). I’ll be visiting with the inventor of a submersible hydrofoil—part speedboat, part submarine—in Redding, California.

11/13/2006: Thank you! to Mostly Books in Gig Harbor, WA
A BookSense store in Washington just joined our list of bookstores stocking Tractrix and Tsubute and it’s our pleasure to list them.
Mostly Books, 3126 Harborview Dr, Gig Harbor, WA 98335, 253.851.3219

11/8/2006: Thank you! to Las Vegas all Las Vegas bookstores that stocked Tractrix and Tsubute last week...I appreciate your support. I hope your customers enjoy reading about the NWIDI adventurers in Las Vegas and their quest to discover the origins of the archeological mysteries in Mexico’s Yucatan and off Japan’s Yonaguni Island.
Borders/Summerlin, Borders/McCarran Intl airport, The Reading Room@Mandalay Place, Barnes&Noble/Summerlin
If I’ve missed anyone, please send me email. Thanks!

11/2/2006: Happy Day of the Dead all my Mexican readers in Todos Santos, Baja California, and on the mainland, too.

11/1/2006: Thank you M.L.!
I won’t name names since it’s fast approaching the Holiday season.
But I DO want to thank M.L. for her purchase of a Holiday Gift Set
through the PayPal link at left. It contains a signed copy of both
Tractrix and Tsubute nestled in green tissue, along with a gift tag.
Also included: bookmarks, an inkjet printout of maps of Yonaguni,
Japan, and diagrams of NWIDI’s Seattle hangar. Shipping is included in the price. Allow about a week for delivery.
     The novels will appeal to...
anyone with an interest in SciFi, alternative history, archeology, travel, diving and mystery/adventure.

10/27/2006: Tractrix and Tsubute can be found in Las Vegas...
where the Tractrix adventure began. Yes, I left signed copies at a few of the area bookstores. Here’s a complete list:
• Borders/Summerlin, 10950 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89135. 702.382.6101
• Borders/McCarran Intl, International airport, Las Vegas, NV 89119. 702.261.5805
• The Reading Room/Mandalay Place, 3930 Las Vegas Blvd S, NV 89119. 702.632.9374
• Barnes&Noble/Summerlin, 8915 W Charleston, Las Vegas, NV 89117. 702.242.1987
I also visited:
• Borders/Henderson, 1445 W Sunset Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89014. 702.433.6222
• Borders/Las Vegas, 2323 S Decatur, Las Vegas, NV 89102. 702.258.0999
If you request the novels from the last group, they can order them for you quickly since they are already set up in their computer
systems. In fact, whenever you search the shelves but don’t find
the novels, please don’t hesitate to place them on order.
As buyers place the order, they’ll bring in a few extra making the
novels easier to find.
     So, what else did I do while in Vegas for three days?
Well, I’ve always wanted to ride in an Indy car at top speed
at Las Vegas Motor Speedway north of town. So I spent a morning
at Mario Andretti Racing School and did just that. The day was
sunny and crisp, and I was delighted that the Thunderbirds were
practicing their routines in the sky overhead. And to my surprise
as I left the Speedway, I witnessed a police chase with four patrol
cars in hot pursuit. On closer inspection, I discovered it was the police academy practicing maneuvers. You could note a definate difference between the novices and the lead and end cars as they raced around the cones and through them slalom-style.
All-in-all...a great day!

10/14/2006: Find Tractrix in Mexico!
South of the Border at the southern tip of Baja California lies
a small village on the Pacific Coast about an hour north of
Cabo San Lucas, named Todos Santos. This is a popular destination
for surfers from the U.S. and also has a small ex-Pat community.
It might just be a bit far away if you travel in by cruise ship and
are only in Cabo San Lucas four hours, but if you fly into Los Cabos,
definately find your way north along the Pacific side of the peninsula. Todos Santos boasts a Hotel California (which may
or may not be the same described in the well-known song).
Enjoy a great breakfast there. A few blocks north of Hotel California, step into the bookstore to rest from the hot desert sun. El Tecolote Libros now carries copies of Tractrix and is our most exotic location yet. Clean and neat, the store has a wide selection of new and used books in English and an owner originally from Portland, Oregon!

10/10/2006: Where’s the next event?
I’ll be signing copies of both novels in Las Vegas, Oct. 24-26,
visiting dive shops to promote Tsubute and bookstores to promote
the series of both Tractrix and Tsubute. If you manage a retail store
you can contact me to order signed copies at wholesale pricing.
Visit the “Retail downloads” section from the front page of my site
for details.

10/8/2006: Very nice celebration!
Congratulations, Under Water Works, on your 31st anniversary.
We had a very nice time meeting all the divers and adventurers who celebrated with you. And the weather didn’t let us down.
It was sunny enough to still hold a celebration outside.
Photos are up on our site.
     I was also fortunate to meet authors at the next table who had taught PhotoShop techniques with Cathy Church for two years. Cathy is a well-known underwater photographer who teaches on Grand Cayman. Jack and Sue Drafahl also give seminars on the Oregon Coast near Tillamook. Check out their classes, DVDs and books at Their latest book:
Master Guide for Underwater Digital Photography
     Don’t forget to visit the links at left and buy the dive adventure Tsubute, second in my Seeds Of Civilization series of mystery/adventure novels—great for those long plane rides to exotic dive locations like the Yonaguni monument.

9/25/2006: The latest release:
Dive into Adventure October 7 at Under Water Works in Tigard. Scuba enthusiasts will want to meet Portland novelist R.J. Archer who will be on-hand to sign copies of his dive adventure Tsubute from 12:30-3:00 p.m. Oct. 7 at UWW’s 31st Anniversary store celebration and tent sale.
During a drawing at 3 p.m., one lucky visitor will receive a free signed copy. Tsubute is second in Archer’s Seeds Of Civilization series which explores real unsolved archeological mysteries,
many uncovered by the recent explosion in the field of underwater archeology.
     Appropriate for adults and young adults, the story follows a Seattle millionaire and his new team as they dive headlong into danger while investigating the ancient sunken monument off the coast of Japan’s Yonaguni Island. During their exploits, they unintentionally expose an international kidnapping ring and reveal secrets about the island that shake the very foundations of modern archaeology.
     Seeds Of Civilization novels are mystery/adventure stories with a SciFi twist.”
OCT 7 signing • Under Water Works, 12170 SW Main St., Tigard, OR 97223

Other upcoming events: I look forward to chatting with the West Lynn book group and also to spring signings/book group in SunRiver and Bend, Oregon. (Watch for updates)
The weather this last weekend was perfect for getting out and visiting beautiful Bend. Plus we met some great bookstore managers and owners in Sisters, Bend, and SunRiver. Thanks for your enthusiasm and encouragement.

9/18/2006: Dive enthusiasts...
If you’re in the Portland, Oregon, area, drop by four local dive shops for your copy of Tsubute. Thanks to Steve’s Scuba for carrying six copies for your customers! Here’s a complete list:
• Steve’s Scuba, 13811 SE McLoughlin Blvd., Milwaukie, OR 97222. 503.652.8860
• Aquatic Sports, 10803 SW Barbur Blvd., Portland, OR 97219. 503.245.4991
• Pacific Watersports, Inc., 17128 SW Shaw St., Aloha, OR 97007. 503.642.3483
• Under Water Works, 12170 SW Main St., Tigard, OR 97223. 503.620.6993

Dive shops: cash in on wholesale orders when you carry the novel. You receive a free in-store countercard and a good mark-up. Available across the nation. Contact: us!

9/16/2006: Back from the Oregon coast!
I just returned from a very successful book signing on the Oregon coast. The event included 13 “local” authors and was well attended by the public. And best of all, sales were better than at any other signing so far!
     One gratifying element—all the folks from other states who stopped by. Nice to meet you, Iowa and Salt Lake City. Because the weather was mostly clear, our hosts were able to hold the event outside, which sparked immediate sales. Thanks to Bob’s Beach Books/The Book End for a fun experience—see you there next year!
     Larry, your copy of Tractrix will be mailed out tomorrow and I look forward to reading your novel!

9/13/2006: UPDATE!   See you Saturday noon-3pm!
9/10/2006: Thank You!
to those who have purchased signed copies of TRACTRIX and TSUBUTE online using PayPal. They’ll be shipped out tomorrow,
Monday, and should arrive in about a week by regular mail.
My day job plus summer activities have kept me busy for a few weeks, but I have on-going projects that get my attention,
too...The Mega Blog, research for The Mega Report, and of course,
TRIANGLE (third novel in my series). After the signing at Lincoln
City’s Author Fair next Saturday, Sept. 16, I’ll be spending some
dedicated time on the next several chapters. Hope to see some of you next Saturday at 1747 NW Hwy 101, Lincoln City, Oregon!

8/22/2006: UPDATE!   Author Fair Rescheduled one week later
The Sept 9 book signing in Lincoln City has been moved to Sept. 16.
Join me along with other authors at Bob’s Beach Books (a few miles
south down the main drag). I’ll talk to you about the science behind the fiction...the amazing discoveries in the Caribbean and Gulf that may point to earlier beginnings for civilizations in the Americas and elsewhere.

8/16/2006: A special Thank You!
to BORDERS in Gresham (687 NW 12th Street) for stocking copies of both Tractrix and Tsubute. IN-STORE: signed copies!

8/12/2006: What’s New?
• Bookmarks: We have a shipment of calendar/bookmarks available in bulk for conferences, events and bookstores. Just purchase one signed copy of either Tractrix or Tsubute at left (under the name of the store or conference). Follow up with a note to and give us the details
and we’ll mail out the necessary quantity right away. The bookmarks are free to you, but postage and printing cost us money. Combining postage with the “signed copies” link at left (postage included) saves us both the additional mailing costs.
• TheMegaBlog: There’s a new posting about Bill Donato, an archeologist/researcher who has been a pioneer in the Bimini discoveries. Please note that additional blog entries can be found by selecting from the “archives” on any interior page.

7/31/2006 update: Congratulations!
Lowell Franga won signed copies of Tractrix and Tsubute by joining SciFi Dimensions’ mailing list. Win Cool Stuff. Next up:
Sept. 16: book signing at the Book Fair, Lincoln City, Oregon, to be held at Bob’s Beach Books (a few miles south down the main drag).
Followed by the October anniversary celebration at Under Water Works in Tigard, Oregon. It’s another opportunity to win a signed copy of Tsubute. Drop by for a chat about the series.

7/20/2006 update: Where can I find Tsubute?
In Portland (OR) and vicinity, you can currently find the book at Aquatic Sports on Barbur Blvd, Pacific Watersports on SW Shaw St (off TV Hwy) and Under Water Works in Tigard. Check out Powells in Beaverton (Metaphysics/Fiction shelf).
Soon at Book End in Lincoln City. Plus all the online stores.
Also at the Tigard City Library. Tractrix can be found at the Lincoln City Library, Multnomah County Library, Gresham branch, Midland Branch, Tigard City Library and West Slope branch.

7/2/2006: Win signed copies of Tractrix and Tsubute!
To be entered in a July 31 drawing, just join SciFi Dimensions’ mailing list. See details... Win Cool Stuff.
And stay tuned for an October anniversary celebration at Under Water Works in Tigard, Oregon. You could win a signed copy of Tsubute and meet the author.
Sept. 9: book signing at Book End’s Book Fair, Lincoln City.

6/29/2006: Are you a dive enthusiast?
Portland, Oregon, dive shops are beginning to stock up on Tsubute because the adventure involves exotic diving off the coast of one of Japan’s southernmost islands, Yonaguni. You can currently find the book at Aquatic Sports and Under Water Works. And a fall signing is in the works at UWW’s anniversary celebration. You could have a chance to draw a FREE signed copy of Tsubute or simply show up, shop the values and chat with the author. We’ll keep you informed of the upcoming signing.
Dive shops: cash in on wholesale orders when you carry the novel. You receive a free in-store countercard and a good mark-up. Available across the nation. Contact: us!
PayPal purchasers: If you purchased a signed copy of either Tsubute or Tractrix this week, it was mailed out today! Approximate delivery in 6-7 days. Thanks for your orders.

6/17/2006: Travel through fiction
I’m reflecting this morning on some of the interesting travel
I’ve been able to do that has really provided a background for
the fiction I write. For instance, now as I continue my work on
novel 3 in my series, Triangle, it’s my hope that I can visit, again,
the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, the Cayman Islands and perhaps add
places such as Bimini to my list. The entire Bermuda Triangle area
fascinates me as it does many other people. And it holds a lot
of secrets for Frank and friends to uncover.
     Not long after Tractrix was published, my wife and I visited
the Loltun Caverns in Mexico’s Yucatan. But much of the fun
centered around visiting places Frank had seen in his investigation
of the mysterious black sphere. We actually visited Mani, a Maya
village near the caverns, stayed a couple of nights at the Uxmal
site—in the same hotel that Frank visited—and stayed at
“El Caribe” in Merida. The NWIDI team of adventurers had
taken on lives of their own as I developed the novel and it was fun
to follow in their footsteps. Next on my list is Yonaguni—
provided you’ll buy enough copies of Tsubute!
     Seriously, though, if you can’t afford to travel in this day of high
oil prices—read fiction!

6/15-19/2006: Tractrix available now
at all BookSense online stores and Powells.
Enjoy 10% savings every day at Barnes & Noble.
35% discount at Amazon!

6/05/2006: Tractrix Second Edition in review
You’ll soon be able to order a matched set of Tractrix and Tsubute, both in the same format and both published by NWIDI Press.
How will you know when Tractrix Second Edition is live? Cover art online will be slightly changed to include a landscape of Area 51 and a photo of the Maya observatory from ChiChén Itzá—plus,
I’ve added a bit of color to it (very subtle). There’s also
a new opening teaser in keeping with the style of Tsubute.
New ISBN #: 0.9779109.0.3
     The first edition of Tractrix published by VBW will be taken off
the market, but don’t worry, the story remains basically the same.
     In 2004, when Tractrix was first published, the course of the series was somewhat undefined. By the time Book 2, Tsubute,
was published, Book 3 was already under development and the direction of the series was well established. This Second Edition
represents my efforts to more closely integrate Tractrix into the overall theme of the Seeds of Civilization series.
     Several minor errors in the original version have also been corrected. Now in the printer’s hands, you’ll need to wait a week or ten days for its release.
Stores: The new edition published by NWIDI Press will offer you a full wholesale discount and returnable status, just as Tsubute does.
In fact, that’s why I made the switch. So come on board. I hope you’ll offer guests the full Seeds Of Civilization series. And thanks for your support.

5/19/2006: Tractrix doing well
It seems the recent release of novel #2 in my series (Tsubute)
is spurring increased sales of novel #1 in the series. That’s great!
Don’t forget to pick up the sequel when you’ve finished Tractrix. (smiley)

5/15/2006: I’m baaaack.
I’ve just returned from a great trip to Mexico’s central Pacific coast. Well, it had a purpose—being present at the birth of my beautiful granddaughter Mariana. The family lives there and
it provides us great vacation opportunities with a stunning view
of Santiago Bay.
     While there, interesting tidbits turned up. I learned that the University of Colima may have sent someone to a seminar on the ship that is exploring MEGA (at least they were invited). There was no chance to touch bases, though, and so I’ll follow up by email and make contact next trip.
     Secondly, an article appeared on that kind of directs my next visit to the central interior of Mexico. See my MEGA Blog “Front Page News”...
New Olmec Discovery May Change History (Again!) Could this recent discovery provide us with a clue about who built MEGA and the linear anomalies recently discovered along the Cuban coastline? NEWS.

4/23/2006: The MEGA Blog is heating up!
The good folks at Satellite Discoveries sent me five newly discovered regions of linear patterns on the ocean floor!
Are they roads? For photos and discussion, visit my MEGA Blog. And please, add your own comments. Thanks.

4/13/2006: Introductory pricing
4/8/2006: Tsubute available for purchase today!
Amazon       34% off today!
Barnes & Noble       10% savings everyday.
BookSense online stores
Elliott Bay Book Company
4/5/2006: Link Update
We’re getting there. Listings are starting to appear online:
If it’s on special order status, keep checking back because the links will be updated as the book is stocked.
Please be the first to post your reviews or comments on Amazon once you’ve completed reading Tsubute. The good news: Your
pre-purchased, signed books will ship out today! Thanks to all for
your undying support.

4/3/2006: Update: Order has shipped. We’ll receive them
Wednesday and your signed books will ship out the same day.

4/01/2006: Order “in printing”
Hi, all. Our order is printing and should be shipped out on Monday.
That means YOUR orders of Tsubute should ship out by next
Wednesday, April 5. We’ll send out notices once your signed books
have shipped. Your credit card payments will then be processed
and you’ll receive another notice when that happens. ’Til then, relax and have a great weekend. Know anyone who needs a
surprise in their Easter basket? There’s still time to receive other copies before Easter. Now that the set-up has been completed, allow about 7-10 days from ordering ’til receipt of your new book,
when you use the link at left.

3/30/2006: Sneak preview of Tsubute
Want a preview of Tsubute? Sean Ellis has a new issue of Age of Adventure Unlimited—a quarterly pulp fiction anthology published through The entire chapter four of the novel is pusblished in it. This chapter gives a good review of Tractrix and launches the new adventure of the NWIDI team as they head for southern Japan to explore the Yonaguni monument.

3/23/2006: Update on Tsubute
Today I’ll receive the first copy of Tsubute off the press, shipped yesterday from the printer. If it looks good, we’re off and running. I’ll make my first purchase in order to fulfill your orders. That means that I’ll be able to ship copies to you perhaps by mid-week.
We still need to wait until the e-stores start to list Tsubute before
I can give the official notice for online purchases. Thanks to everyone for being so patient. And thanks to those who have ordered ahead...and to those who continue to support Tractrix.

3/18/2006: Tsubute is published!
Yesterday. We submitted all the files and Tsubute, book #2 in the series, is published! It should appear soon in retail store catalogs and I’ll work on the online postings this next week so you can find it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Powells for sure.
You can pre-order at any bookstore by asking for
ISBN 0-9779109-1-1 Tsubute by R.J. Archer, pub. date Mar 2006.
Retail Price $18.95. I’ll post a note just as soon as I have purchasing links in place on this page.
SIGNED COPY? Simply use the “BUY NOW” button on the left.
Or you can contact me directly. Your $20 check includes DELIVERY.
     Thanks to everyone who had a hand in proofreading it or in just lending your inspiration and support.

3/11/2006: Update on Tsubute’s release
Folks, novel #2 in the series, Tsubute, will be released very soon by NWIDI Press. We are waiting for the ISBN number and barcode to arrive. Meanwhile, the cover illustration took on new life thanks to artist Pierre Loranger of Montreal Canada. He created a fantastic illustration of the tsubute artifact to insert into the cover design.
     Thanks also go out to two people who contributed great testimonials for the inside page—author Sean Ellis and feature writer Richard Jones. You can see their quotes from the link above.
     No one could be more anxious than me to make this new novel available to you. So stay tuned. It could happen any day.

2/25/2006: Recap
In this SciFi adventure series, a Seattle aerospace engineer
and his team investigate several of archeology’s real unsolved mysteries and get closer to the truth—one that is truly
“out of this world!”
     In the sequel to Tractrix, I delve into the secrets of the
Yonaguni Monument off southern Japan. One of the unique
features of Seeds Of Civilization is that the archeological mysteries
at the core of each novel are very real. The origin and purpose of
the Maya’s knowledge of astronomy, the Yonaguni Monument, discovered by a scuba diver in 1987 and the “lost city of Cuba,” discovered by a Canadian salvage team in 2000, are all mysteries currently under investigation. An underlying theme of the trilogy
is the growing split in the scientific community about the age and origin of Earth’s earliest civilizations. Startling new evidence provided by the field of underwater archeology sets the date of Earth’s earliest civilizations much earlier than previously thought.
Tractrix: The first investigation, prompted by the discovery of a mysterious black sphere, takes the team of amateur adventurers from Seattle to the secret military installations of Nevada and on to the Maya ruins in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Along the way they become involved in a murder investigation and stumble across a three thousand year old secret explaining the origin of the Maya’s advanced knowledge of astronomy and mathematics.
(ISBN# 1-58939-567-0)
Tsubute: In the maiden voyage of the team’s newly acquired Learjet, the adventurers travel to southern Japan to investigate an underwater pyramid off the coast of Yonaguni. After a dramatic landing in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska and a run-in with Department of Justice agents in Tokyo, they finally reach Yonaguni and soon find themselves involved in a case of murder and international kidnapping. In an effort to solve the murder and clear their own names, they uncover a dark secret hidden on the tiny island for more than 10,000 years—one that confirms their theory of alien intervention.

2/20/2006: The Mega Report research spawns a new blog
Keep your eye on—and participate in— “TheMegaBlog”, an updated
review of the discovery, exploration and possible implications of “The Lost City of Cuba”—the ancient archeological ruins found on the ocean floor just off the coast of Cuba.

2/20/2006: Update on Tsubute
Well, folks, I’ve set the wheels in motion for publishing novel #2
of my series within the next 2-3 weeks. I’ve purchased a set of ISBN numbers from Bowkers along with bar codes for Tsubute,
The Mega Report (non-fiction) and Triangle. Now you can watch
for Tsubute announcements. The novel takes Seattle aerospace engineer Frank Morton and his team on their second adventure
to explore an underwater pyramid off the coast of Yonaguni in
southern Japan. Author Sean Ellis calls Tsubute “...a runaway train of action, treachery and discovery.”
     For those of you that want a sneak peek at Tsubute, I’ll let you
know as soon as Sean’s publication Age of Adventure, Issue II,
is in the online store at It will give you a look at the entire chapter four of Tsubute, which has a kind of recap of
the story thus far and sets the stage for the second adventure.
     Tsubute also launches my new press...NWIDI Press.
Named for the research team in the novels, it will become the publishing vehicle for all my books from now on. And I’ll re-publish
Tractrix under it some time this year. Meanwhile, you can purchase the (VBW) POD-version of Tractrix at online stores everywhere.
Simply use the links to the left.

2/11/2006: More on Portland’s author Sean Ellis
Sean—besides being an up-and-coming author—is a Oregon National Guard Soldier. He’ll be leaving soon for special training
and then a year of duty in Afghanistan. While away, wouldn’t it
be great if his publication and his novel get the attention they deserve? You can find Sean’s novel Magic Mirror at our link for
B&N bookshelf” and his new pulp fiction publication at
And he’s just days away from releasing edition 2 of his magazine, which will feature the entire chapter 4 of Tsubute in its contents.
     How can you help Northwest authors, and us in particular?
Send an e-mail to Borders and to Powells (attention Marketing) requesting they include copies of both Tractrix and Magic Mirror in their booths at the upcoming Wordstock conference at the Oregon
Convention Center in April. POD authors need a little extra help to catch the attention of retail stores. And don’t forget, you can
always get copies of our novels at any online store.

2/5/2006: An Unexpected Turn
In the course of researching the location(s) for Book 3 of
my Seeds of Civilization novels, my interests have taken an unexpected turn—in the direction of non-fiction writing!
     Novel 3 (tentatively titled Triangle) begins with a request
from “the highest levels of the U.S. Government” that sends
Frank, Tony, Linda and Jim off to investigate the alleged “lost city
of Cuba.” This amazing—and true—discovery was made in the summer of 2000 by a Canadian underwater exploration team
and the 7-square-mile site is located 2,100 feet below the surface,
just off the northwestern tip of Cuba. The site is still largely unexplored but it has been dubbed “MEGA” by its discoverers and
a Google search on “lost city” + Cuba will turn up thousands of sites for you to browse. Questions of who may have inhabited
MEGA—and when—invariably lead to connections with the Olmec
(remember them from Tractrix?) and some folks have even gone
so far as to suggest that Atlantis may have actually been located
in the area around Cuba!
     Since MEGA will be the first of several Caribbean mysteries
the NWIDI team will encounter, I felt it was my duty to learn all
I could about this intriguing place and the more I read, the more
interested I get. I’ve developed a bibliography of the most credible sources of information about the discovery and I’m currently
investigating some of the site’s fascinating “side-bar” stories for inclusion in an upcoming publication I call “The MEGA Report.”
And thanks to Graham Hancock, my name has been passed on to
a production company that’s considering a documentary about
MEGA. Stay tuned—MEGA could turn out to be one of the most significant underwater archeological discoveries ever made!

1/12/2006: Update
Sean’s second issue of Age of Adventure Unlimited is due out in
early February. Watch for the excerpt from Tsubute—the entire
chapter four. Sean highlights some great writers in his pulp fiction
magazine. I highly recommend it. And thanks go out to Sean for including me as one of the authors.

1/1/2006: Happy New Year!
Here’s hoping your New Year will be filled with joy and success.
     So what’s in the works for Tractrix and Tsubute in 2006?
For now, Tractrix, Book #1 in the Seeds Of Civilization series, will
continue to be available through publisher VBW, Inc and through
all online e-sellers and independent stores that are currently carrying it.
     Book #2, Tsubute may be pre-released through very
soon. I had promised you it would be released at the end of 2005
but I’ve been holding out for a larger publishing house to pick it
up...and the entire series. However, I’ve decided to go ahead with the pre-release, even if the major printing comes a bit later.
Artist Pierre Loranger of Montreal (Canada) is busy completing a
new professional cover illustration for Tsubute and author Sean
Ellis has written a great new testimonial for the inside page.
He and others have offered valuable feedback on the manuscript.
Basically, I’m hearing that it’s better than the first novel and that it has given new life to the characters in the series.
     The next step for Tsubute is another glimpse at the storyline
through an excerpt of Chapter 4 to be published in Sean’s next
issue of Age of Adventure Unlimited, a quarterly pulp fiction anthology published through Watch for Issue 2.
     Book #3, Triangle is beginning to take shape. I conducted a very
interesting interview with the master of a British deep-water cable-repair vessel based in Victoria, B.C.   Mr. Nigel Smith
gave us a two-hour tour of the ship in November, 2005. This ship will be part of the storyline that takes place in the Bermuda Triangle. Interested? Stay tuned.
     Not to be forgotten, my agent Jonathan Micheals of TMC Management, has been very busy in 2005 paving the way for Seeds Of Civilization to become a TV mini-series or a series of movies and I 'd like to thank him for all his hard and enthusiastic work.

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