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12/13/2008: A weekend in Todos Santos, Mexico, and a visit to the local bookstore are just what the doctor ordered. I first met ex-Oregonian Janet, owner of El Tecolote Libros, when I visited nearly two years ago. Tractrix and Tsubute have since sold out but I dropped off a signed copy of Triangle. » Photo of Janet.

11/27/2008: Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone, from the gang at NWIDI! I have a lot to be thankful for this season including my readers, who have been a support throughout the year. I’m blessed to have my books now available in the UK, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia. And, I’m especially thankful as I embark on a Holiday vacation—Diving, Mexican beer, beaches! It’s all good. Watch for more chapters of ParallelOps!

10/14/2008: Update! Autumn donations and promotions
It’s great when you can make a promotion and give back to the community at the same time. That’s what my Autumn promotions are all about.
October 1-22 – We’ve taken part in the annual fundraiser/auction put on by SciFiDimensions.com. Our donation of a signed set of novels is now on ebay just waiting for you to cash in on the $1.99 starting price. SciFiDimensions is a fixture in the online SciFi community and desreves our whole-hearted support, so I hope you’ll scroll through the options, find my novels Tractrix and Triangle and purchase them for the cause. At this writing, Tsubute was already purchased.
October 18 – The 29th Annual Charity Treasure Hunt put on by Discovery Diving in North Carolina drew my attention this year as another worthy cause. I donated a set of signed novels to them,
as well. All proceeds go to Mile of Hope Childrenís Cancer and Diver’s Alert Network (DAN). Divers enter the water at Radio Island Rock Jetty 11:15 a.m. Saturday morning to dive for oyster shells, but registry must first take place at the dive shop at 9:30 a.m. Keep your shells to be traded for a prize during the drawing.
Upon completion of the dive all participants check in with Treasure Hunt Officials at the dive site to record their shell numbers, and then may return to Discovery Diving for the pig feast and drawings.
414 Orange Street, Beaufort, NC 28516 • 252- 728-2265 » photos
November 22Oregon Authors Give Back at their Holiday Benefit Book Signing. 30% of their proceeds go to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. I’ll be there signing copies of Tractrix, Tsubute and Triangle from 1 - 5 p.m. on the lower level, JCPenney Court,
at Clackamas Town Center Mall. Clackamas, Oregon
(Also known as “Happy Valley”). Twelve award-winning Oregon authors take part. How great to purchase a holiday gift of a signed novel and give to a worthy cause at the same time!

9/15/2008: Update! Bookstore availability is changing
On the downside, Shop MTV has changed their website and no longer is showing books; and I took BiggerBooks.com down just because I can't get them to update their information and cover art.
On the upside, we have NEW availability! Canada, the UK, the EU and Mexico have both brick and mortar and online ability to carry the novels. Books.com.mx is up and running but needs to add a cover photo for Triangle. Other than that, you can purchase all three novels from within Mexico.
Just click our link to “Where to Buy” in the lefthand links on the main site, then search the lefthand column for the Books.com.mx banner.

8/05/2008: Update! It looks like we have winners!
John85710 racked up an awsome 127 points on the DiveVillage forum site. He’ll receive the complete set of Tractrix, Tsubute and Triangle—the Seeds Of Civilization series. A close second and third are Beth with 62 points and AmphibiousWarrior with 57 points. They’ll each receive a copy of Triangle. This has been a fun way to give away free signed copies of my novels and I hope you’ll visit our MySpace friend DiveZero often and get involved in their community. Thanks to all who participated.

7/24/2008: Get Triangle for 37% off at Tower Books! 30% MTV!

7/05/2008: Win free novels during July at DiveZero’s The Dive Village. When Tsubute came out in March 2006, I gave away signed copies of the set Tractrix and Tsubute, my SciFi adventure novels, on SciFiDimensions.com. Later, I gave away signed copies of Tsubute as doorprizes at three dive conferences in 2006-07.
Now since Triangle was released in March, I've been watching for just the right opportunity to hold a new promotion, and I found it through a MySpace Friend! Beginning in July you’ll be able to compete for signed copies of the Seeds Of Civilization series—
at DiveZero’s forum site: » DiveVillage.
As you acquire points, there are three chances to win:
• first place wins a complete signed set: Tractrix, Tsubute and Triangle
• second and third places win a signed copy of Triangle
I’m excited about this opportunity and encourage you to get involved in this social marketing site for divers.

7/11/2008: Let’s get caught up! Alot has been happening simply because it’s summer.
• Discount update: First off, the discounts have been fluctuating madly and I can’t keep them all current, ha! If I didn’t know better, I’d say there’s a discount war going on. Sure. First MTV.com offered the entire series at 30% off, which placed them at the top of the list. Not long after, Amazon.com renewed their original offer of 32% off Triangle. Combined with discounts of 22% and 20% on Tractrix and Tsubute, it gave a very nice series price. A day or two later, BAMM.com, which had already offered the entire series at 27% off, lowered Triangle to 35% off—the lowest ever! I love to pass these savings on to you, the reader, so I suggest you just keep visiting the banner links on my “Where to Buy” page, then pay attention to delivery dates and pricing. There are some good summer savings going on.

• Signings update: Next, the first summer signing in Lincoln City was somewhat a bust because of rain. Those who had partied heavy for the Fourth of July, didn’t get out early on Saturday, or didn’t feel much like moving down to the St. Augustine Church reception hall for an indoor signing. So, while some books were signed by around 30 authors, not nearly enough traffic showed up. That’s a shame because the hall is really a very nice venue for future events. And Bob’s Beach Books, along with Robert and
The Book End, are incredible hosts.   » new photo.
     Go to the » calendar for the August 9 signing information—second in the summer Northwest Author Fair series—and don’t forget the public is invited to the Willamette Writers event which allows pre-conference networking with authors on July 31, whether or not you have registered for the Conference. Authors rely on your feedback and support, so I really hope you’ll elect to go out and hobnob a bit with the writers. It’s at the Airport Sheraton in Portland the night before the conference.

• Autographed copies: It’s easier than ever to buy » signed copies of the novels directly from NWIDI Press, whether you’re a wholesale purchaser, a reader or a book club. You simply purhchase using my new PayPal form. No need to join!

• Download update: » Quarter 3 desktop calendars are ready. There’s an extra on the page, so please trim it out and give it to
a friend, or take it to work. You may ask why I don’t just post all
4 quarters at once, and the answer is simple: I’m writing the first novel in the follow-up series. Just kidding. As soon as I have a bit of time, I will update the calendar for the last three months and get it posted online. Then I’ll let you know on my “What’s New” page.

7/1/2008: JULY Signings (see calendar)
2008 NW Author Fair series, OR Coast Ľ July 5, Lincoln City
2008 Writers Faire, PDX Airport Sheraton Ľ July 31

6/16/2008: The Prologue + two chapters of The Guardians are complete in my new Parallel Ops series. I feel pumped, just like I did when I began Tractrix and my first series!

6/5/2008: New Qtr 3 desktop calendars are ready for download. Newly-released Triangle is highlighted in the texts. Photos were taken on my own Caribbean dive trips.

6/2/2008: 22%|22%|25% at Amazon. Series: $43.77   (23% off)
Pay no shipping if purchased at the same time.  Discounts fluctuate almost daily, and the introductory period for Triangle is nearly over. I expect the discounts to level off soon at Amazon, but it’s still a source of good pricing and reviews.

5/28/2008: Sales in the series are making weekly jumps and I’m elated to see such interest, not just in newly-released Triangle, but also in the series opener, Tractrix. Thank you!

5/20/2008: Taking Frank to the beach? Memorial Day weekend is drawing near and I woke up this morning to see higher sales. Thank you! Enjoy your vacations and come back for the sequels.

5/19/2008: The back stories are complete for all the new characters. I’m pumped. Coming soon: A Parallel Ops website.

Parallel Ops by R.J. Archer, Mystery adventure novels with a SciFi twist
5/5/2008: Parallel Ops —Thatís the tentative name for my new series that takes place in the year 2008. The Prologue was completed a couple of weeks ago and this weekend I spent a
sunny Sunday working out the concept for this four-book series.
     You may have thought you said “Adios” to all the characters in the Seeds Of Civilization series, but one lead character launches The Guardians, book one of the Parallel Ops series. With Frank’s disappearance in the past, and the NWIDI assets liquidated,
Tony embarks on a mission to protect the identity and location of
“The Teachers”. And joining him—an all new cast of characters.

5/3/2008: Thanks to Vivienne in the UK who purchased a copy
each of Tsubute and Triangle this morning! Hope you enjoy the
adventures. I’m glad you’re enjoying Tractrix enough to go back
and order the other two novels in the series. It’s nice to meet another supporter of Graham Hancock’s theories.

5/2/2008: Northwest Dive & Travel Expo, Tacoma, WA
I'm looking forward to a day trip on Saturday—a drive north to Tacoma to visit the exhibits at the dive expo. Among the exhibitors I really want to see are Steve’s Scuba and Baja Expeditions. Steve’s is listed on this site as one of the dive shops carrying copies of Tsubute for sale in their retail store. I plan to introduce them to Triangle, my latest dive thriller, which takes readers on some technical diving adventures. I’ll have a few copies of books in my series available for signing, so if you see me, don’t be shy. I’d love to meet you.

4/28/2008: The thrill of discovery
Over the weekend I began the research for my fourth novel and I have to tell you, itís like the thrill of a new romance. This new novel will not be part of the Seeds Of Civilization series—but more like a distant cousin. It will undoubtedly need its own Web site one of these days. But letís not get ahead. The entire first series took more than seven years to develop. I expect this novel to take a full year plus several months for the publishing. The Prologue is already complete and I know the action will take place during the year 2008, more than five years after we said “Goodbye” to Frank. But the location and the all-new cast of characters will remain a secret for now.

4/06/2008: Signings 2008 Northwest Author Fair series » July 5

4/13/2008: 32% at Amazon today. Discounts may fluctuate.
3/15 - 4/04/2008: Triangle’s availability is growing.
New discounts: B&N 10%, misc BookSense 20%, Amazon 22%!

Barnes&Noble – Mar. 15: ships within 24 hrs! » orders
BookSense – now available at independent stores! » orders
Amazon – available in the U.S./ships within 24 hrs! » orders
Borders – find the store nearest you. » orders
Powells – Mar. 26: now fully available. » orders
Amazon Canada – Apr. 4: available/27% discount! » orders
Amazon UK – huge discount/5 workdays delivery. » orders
Author-signed copies may be purchased via PayPal.

3/31/2008: Rainy Day Special Through April, signed sets for a
reduced $50 plus a $5 Starbucks gift card. Just click on GIFTS.
Signed – » single » set – 5% discount / no additional shipping.

3/23/2008: Happy Easter, Everyone. – Just a reminder:
Qtr 2 desktop calendars, highlighting Tsubute, are ready. Keep one at home and take the other to the office. Or download the free 2008 bookmark/calendar. Just click on “GIFTS”.

3/20/2008: Amazon returns to 22% discount on Tractrix, Tsubute,
fluctuates between 12% discount and no discount on Triangle.
$29.56 for books 1 and 2 through Better Together.

3/15/2008: TRIANGLE’s first signed copy was ordered this morning by Jon H in Georgia. Jon also owns copies of Tractrix and Tsubute and this purchase completes his set. Thanks, Jon!

3/13/2008: Amazon offers 25% discount on novels 1 and 2!
(was 22%) Better Together shows the set of Tractrix and Tsubute for $28.42. Visit the storefront for details. This falls within free SuperSaver shipping guidelines.

3/13/2008: TRIANGLE’s sign-off completed – Copies ordered!
Author-signed editions may now be purchased via PayPal.
Signed – » single » set – 5% discount / no additional shipping.

3/03/2008: TRIANGLE is at the printer!
Sign-off proof for approval arrives Monday afternoon, Mar. 10.
Thank you to all who contributed their expertise and to Daniel Jolley and Larry Ketchersid for your great reviews!

3/01/2008: First reviews of TRIANGLE arrived! » Your Preview

2/27/2008: A snowy visit to Vermont!
After a sad visit to say goodbye to my father at the funeral home
in Fairfax, I had an opportunity to relive some of the happy childhood memories. Born in Jeffersonville, my brother and I spent summers in “Jeff” with my grandparents on vacations from highschool in a Chicago suburb. My fondest memories are of “camp” in the woods at their cabin on a lake. So on this trip we took a day to visit neighboring towns, such as Shelburne, VT. Stopping in to The Flying Pig Bookstore as it snowed outside, we introduced Tractrix and Tsubute to welcoming booksellers inside. They have signed copies on their shelves, so be sure to stop by this picturesque town if you’re in nearby Burlington. They have a large selection of books for children and teens. So happy my novels are well-suited to young adult reading. Find a picture of The Flying Pig Bookstore here.

2/23/2008: Our proofreading team has returned their corrections—TRIANGLE goes to the printer Mar. 3.

2/22/2008: Thank you, Margie—first purchase of a gift set.

2/07/2008: March 15 release of Triangle!
Second draft edition is complete! Readers are proofreading.
Complete signed gift sets are available for pre-order.
And I have new 2008 bookmarks to include in sets.

2/01/2008: BookSense stores are now offering Pre-orders, too.

1/29/2008: Today, quite by accident I discovered that TRIANGLE is now available for Pre-Order on the Barnes&Noble web site—and at an introductory 10% discount! Their release date shows March 28, but it will be ready by March 15.
» PRE-ORDER Triangle now!

1/11/2008: Tsubute at Texas Dive Show
For the second year TSUBUTE will be given away at the silent auction held by SEASPACE at Houston’s 2008 Texas Dive Show Jan 26-27. However, this year signed copies of the entire series were donated! “As of 2007, SEASPACE’s Scholarship and Grants program has funded more than $520,000 in scholarships to students of the marine sciences and monetary awards to organizations involved in marine preservation projects.”

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