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12/29/2009: May the New Year bring you much success and happiness. 2010 will see three of four new novels published from the Parallel Ops series, hopefully in English and Spanish.
     In 2009 we produced a short You Tube video about the series and gave you a glimpse of my writer’s retreat in Baja. We also completed a new Author Interview exclusively for the new series of novels and had a live blog session in which readers posed questions to me. Find them posted at Author Exposure’s permalink and on ParallelOps.com, where you can also download 2010 Baja calendars, sharing scenes from our neighborhood in Todos Santos. We were truly blessed in 2009.

12/8/2009: Thanks for your support of the Seeds calendars
throughout the years. You can now download the new »2010 bookmark/calendar. I invite you to share one with a friend.

10/8/2009: LIVE Blogging was a fantastic experience!
Readers posted » questions on Author Exposure when their interview and » review went LIVE. I answered questions online all day. Thanks to Libby and Trig for the wonderful opportunity to let their readers and subscribers know about Tractrix, the Seeds Of Civilization series and Parallel Ops. Congratulations to JAMIE for winning the giveaway copy of Tractrix.

8/12/2009: Have you seen the new YouTube video? Click HERE You’ll get a glimpse of my writer’s retreat in Baja. » POps website

7/24/2009: Parallel Ops gets more content
We completed a new Author Interview exclusively for the new series of novels and you can find it posted on the new website. Follow » The Author, then click “INTERVIEW” at the bottom.

7/8/2009: Making progress on Parallel Ops
Chapter two of The Scientists is on Martyís desk for first draft proofreading and Iím set to begin chapter two of The Informants.
So whatís happening with Seeds Of Civilization? I found a new English-language Indie bookstore in La Paz and the owner—from Seattle—will stock the series. Visit Allende Booksí fantastic » blog, then plan your trip to Baja Sur!

6/26/2009: What has one month in Baja wrought?
Well, surprisingly, lots! I completed a game plan, plus a timeline and outline for three of four novels in the new Parallel Ops series; I’ve written two prologues and a chapter each for
The Scientists and The Informants; I’ve researched material for writing chapter two of each. Marty has designed banners and a cover for The Informants, and developed the character profile pages a bit more. Visit » ParallelOps.com to catch up. The new Parallel Ops Facebook page needs fans, so please drop by.

9/7/2009 UPDATE: New Qtr 4 calendar is ready for download
6/26/2009: New Qtr 3 desktop calendar is ready for download

5/25/2009: Here at last
The four-day drive trip was tiring but very interesting, and I was fortunate to have my stepson along to drive the last two days from the Border crossing on. I’ve posted photos on both MySpace and FaceBook, so simply click the “BLOGS” link to take a look.

4/11/2009: Just 30 days ítil my author retreat!
Most of you know Iíll be living in Mexico for six months, and itís coming up. Thirty days from today I'll pack as much as I can into our SUV, and together with my wife Marty and our cat LaBete, Iíll make the long trek down the Baja peninsula to La Paz and beyond. Which brings me to the fact that after 30 days I wonít be able to offer signed editions through my website anymore. As much as I love you, I wonít pay Mexicoís new duty on imported books just so I can sign them and ship them back into the U.S. However, if you plan to be in Los Cabos, click on »» Janet. An ex-Portlander, she runs an English-language bookstore an hour north of Cabo San Lucas, called El Tecolote Libros. Call her after May 15 and Iíll make arrangements to meet you there! (Limited supply) Meet Janet here »» DEC 2008.

3/15/2009: Triangle turns one year old!
Hard to believe it was a year ago that the third and closing novel of the Seeds Of Civilization series was finally released. Lots of fans were saddened that they had to say “Goodbye” to Frank—which helped spark an idea for a follow-up series of four novels called ParallelOps. I had the best of intentions to be well into its first draft by now. Even though its progress has stalled at a Prologue and the first six chapters, plans are in place for a writing retreat from May until November. I’m excited to report that I’ll be living in a small community in Baja California for the summer and my intention is to spend the majority of my time writing.
     And now that winter is mostly behind us, it’s time to get out and enjoy the Northwest a bit more and say “Hi” to fans. I’ll be visiting with dive enthusiasts in Tacoma in April at the »»
Northwest Dive and Travel Expo. I’m happy to report that I just shipped a signed set of Seeds Of Civilization novels to the planners to be used as a door prize at one of the events.
     Social marketing is on the rise, and I’m learning to take part in MySpace, FaceBook and Twitter. Author interview:
Watch »» MySpace for the launch of Pirate Soup Radio Talk Show. “RJ on Underwater archaeological mysteries”. And check »» TheMegaBlog.com for the science behind the fiction.
     And not to forget MySpace friend Larry Johnson, author of Escape to Earth. His new social networking site is expanding day by day. Visit »» BookTown.ning.com and you’ll see that my first-in-the-series Tractrix is the prize in a drawing for first signers to the site. Larry and his “Deputy Mayor” have been working tirelessly to develop the site’s features and give it extraordinary exposure in all the online media. This is one author who appreciates all their efforts and the increased publicity!
     Contest: Join ĽĽ BookTown by Apr 1. You could win TRACTRIX.
4/1/2009: BookTown . . . author Charlott Boyett-Compo won. :-)
     NEW: For up-to-date tweets, visit »» SciFiAdventure on Twitter.

3/12/2009: UPDATE: The 2009 bookmark/calendar is ready for download. The 1st & 2nd qtr desktop spindle calendars, too. Good for use at work and home, or share with a friend:
» 09 1st Qtr       » 09 2nd Qtr       » bookmark

1/30/2009: New social networking outreach. Do you have a Facebook page? Please be a fan of » Seeds Of Civilization.

Thank you, New Readers.
2/28/2009: UPDATE: Thanks to Larry who purchased a signed set from our online page, and also to someone who purchased a set using Amazon. Another purchased a copy of Triangle to complete their series. To all of you: I appreciate your interest!
1/23/2009 UPDATE: Dominique, Brad & Steve each bought signed sets from my website December-January. Plus a Tsubute fan made a purchase using Amazon.
Steve’s Get A Life Marching Band is just back from marching in the Inaugural Parade in Washington D.C. » Learn more!

So how are book sales doing during this economic crisis?
Better than expected. That is, during December sales were up for my series both online and through the website’s signed copy page. During January, however, online-only sales have dropped.
Will this trend continue?
I hope not. If entertainment purchases go down, and travel expenses continue to rise, it seems to me that reading would be a great solution. Thanks to all for your continued support.

1/13/2009: UPDATE More than 30,000 listeners!
The podcast hits continue to increase. And Tsubute enjoys a strong following among divers and other water enthusiasts.
Thanks so much for your continued support. Click on the link above in case you have not yet listened to the teaser of chapter 4 from Tsubute.

1/12/2009:: Please share with a friend.
The 2009 bookmark/calendar is ready for download.

» bookmark.
The first quarter desktop spindle calendar, too.
» 09 1st Qtr (pdf)
For work & home.

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