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CHRISTMAS/2010: Here’s your new 2011 calendar I hope you’ll use one bookmark to mark your current read and remind you of my series, then give the extras to friends or family members. Be sure to also download the first quarter 2011 desktop calendar from the gifts page. Merry Christmas from R.J. and Marty.

DEC/2010: Are you an Indie Bookseller? We’d like to promote your store on Twitter, especially during the Holidays. To qualify for our “Buy Local” page and Twitter “tweet”, simply offer our novels online at any small discount, then let us know.

NOV/2010: PARALLEL OPS desktop calendar, final
installment. The NOV-DEC 2010 calendars are ready for free download (PDFs) from the Parallel Ops website.
Visit » ParallelOps.com and look for "What's New".

SEPT-OCT/2010: Iíll be in Portland, OR, Seattle and Chicago
Order Tractrix, Tsubute and Triangle » here and Iíll personally sign and ship them out while in the U.S. Place your orders any time after Aug 31. Click here to » request special dedications.

AUG/2010: It’s new! Now you can take Seeds anywhere!
Beach read: paperback 9780977910908 (Ingram)
Travel read: Kindle B003WJRHC0 (Amazon)
Beach read: paperback 9780977910915 (Ingram)
Travel read: Kindle B003ZYEVQC(Amazon)
Beach read: paperback 9780977910939 (Ingram)
Travel read: Kindle B00466H8TU(Amazon)
If you don’t have the device, you can download the free reader for your computer or phone! Just click the link.

JULY/2010: Author-signed novels available soon — From May 2009 until Aug 2010, the only way to receive signed copies of Tractrix, Tsubute and Triangle has been to visit two local independent bookstores near Los Cabos in Baja California Sur:
El Tecolote Libros in Todos Santos and Allende Books in La Paz. Now, for a limited time, you’ll be able to order them » here and I’ll personally sign and ship them out while in Portland from mid-Sept through mid-Oct. Order them any time after August 31. Be sure to let me know about special dedications to » comments.

JUNE/2010: News from south Bimini — After months of little or
no news about the research around Bimini, today Dr. Greg Little notified me of several new findings and some great photos he posted to his website, which I immediately made available from
» TheMegaBlog.com. As most of you know, this blog is where my fiction and actual science meet. I started it before I wrote TRIANGLE as a kind of research project for my writing. Has my fictional sea floor anomaly proved to be true? And how do these findings relate to the Lost City of Cuba? Stay tuned!

MAY/2010: A charity give-away turned out to be alot of fun
I was asked to attend the “Raise The Roof” La Paz Orphanage Auction Saturday night at Ciudad de los Ninos y Ninas (Boys Town) www.lapazchildrenshome.org — It was my pleasure to donate a set of signed novels for the silent auction. My wife and I were happy to be part of a large turnout by the American and Canadian communities. Plus, the tamales and beer were great and the live entertainment featured singing, folkloric and Arabic dance. Good job, Everyone!

APR/2010: Event writing and other time off
—It’s good for authors to keep practice with blogs and other writing, and I’m no exception. This month I contributed texts to the program articles for the » First Annual Cabo Marine Show, to be held in Cabo San Lucas April 16-18. Youíll find me there if you’re in Los Cabos for this high-season closer. But Iím also making good progress with the next set of Parallel Ops chapters. Keeping you updated by Facebook and Twitter. #amwriting The Informants.

MAR/2010: Social Marketing and Blogs! No time to write!
While Marty keeps half of the social marketing up, I’ve been creating a new blog that hopefully will take less time away from writing my new sreies, Parallel Ops. I’m calling it My Morning Coffee because I’m limiting my time for blogging to just that. And it has allowed me to get back to work on the lastest chapter of The Guardians and still stay in touch with you.

FEB/2010: Can you believe two months of 2010 have gone by?
I’ve been working hard on the Parallel Ops series, three novels
at a time!
     If you follow me on Twitter or follow Marty on FaceBook, you know all about our latest research trip up into the mountains of southern Baja. But that’s for Parallel Ops and this site is for Seeds of Civilization. So, you might ask what I’m doing now that Seeds is published—the answer is developing individual Fan pages on FaceBook for Tractrix, Tsubute and Triangle. Some of the notes will now appear as tweets on Twitter, too. These pages could use FANS, so please, stop by and show your support. I promise to do my part with some fresh content.

JAN/2010: Enjoying La Paz and retirement in Baja I always had the idea that retirement would provide me more time to write, and in some ways it has. But I seem to find myself as busy (or busier) here in Baja than I ever was back home in Portland, Oregon. However, when you consider I’m more than a third of the way into three novels, it’s about the same as completing one novel. If you’re patient, I think you’re going to enjoy reading three parallel-timeline novels together or separately. It’ll be your choice.
     In January I did some exploring of the neighboring pueblos around La Paz, one of which is the beach town of La Ventana. My wife, son and I went twice—once to make our acquaintance with the windsurfing capital of Mexico, and then again to watch part of the La Ventana Classic, a contest in which kiteboarders and wind surfers from Oregon, Mexico and other parts compete for a cash prize of $1,000 each (men & women) for being first across to La Ventana from the island of Cerralvo in the Sea of Cortez. I wrote a front page article for The Baja Citizen with a recap of the event.
     Other writing included key updates for my BajaDivers.com website and new content for my blog titled, The Mega Blog which paved the way for the writing of Triangle. I like to refer to it as “The science behind the fiction.” I hope you’ll stop by to find out about real underwater discoveries in Bimini and off the coast of Cuba.

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